The Writers’ Yearbook – An On-line Creativity Class

spring into summer

As a writer sometimes I find it easy to come up with ideas, sometimes I prefer to edit and revise, and sometimes I can’t be bothered to do anything. Why is it that some weeks I find it easy to focus and other times I can’t settle to a single project?

After years of writing and teaching I’ve come to realise creative energy varies and if we work with its natural rhythms, rather than pushing ourselves to constantly achieve, we can be more balanced and hence more productive.

I started writing The Writers’ Yearbook in January 2020, based on this idea of working creatively with the energies of the natural seasons. When the coronavirus hit, and my  classes had to end, I decided to run the course on-line. We’ve now completed three terms – spring, summer and autumn – there are quotes below from current students on how they’ve found it. 

How the course works: The course runs in thirteen-week cycles, working with the natural energies of each season.


In the Deep Midwinter…

WINTER: The winter season course starts on Sunday 21st December and focuses on reflection and the groundwork of writing.

There is a Check-In every week to ensure you stay on track.  Each week, on the Sunday evening, you will receive emailed a handout with the week’s topic – designed to help you nurture your inner writer and learn more about the craft of writing itself. The notes include practical exercises.

Working with others: You can choose to join a Facebook group, or an email group, where you will meet other writers on the same course. The groups are private and a great source of friendship and support, a place to discuss the week’s topic and your responses to it.

The cost is £25 per 13 weeks (i.e. per season) for unwaged/self-employed and £45 for waged.

The course is designed to help you discover, uncover or recover your creative side. You are always free to interpret the tasks in your own way. 

If you’re interested in joining please email:

What previous students said about the course:

The [exercises] left me feeling as though someone had wrenched me from soil I was stuck in, and shook earth off my roots. I’d become pot bound. (Helen, Bristol)
The assignments have helped me to regenerate my creativity at a time when I need it most. Being introduced to fellow writers has been a delight.  Thank you so much.
Jo from Manchester 
Really, really enjoying it and an absolute antidote to knocking about my tiny cottage (Anna, Leeds)
I have just written one thousand words in the last 24 hours. Many thanks to your brilliant course. (M, North Yorks)
This course is so fabulous. It gently pushes my boundaries and arouses my curiosity (Audrey)