Masterclasses for Writers’ Groups

Walking the Talk

How to write incredible, credible dialogue.

The wHole Story

If Your Story’s About What Your Story’s About You’re In Deep Shit – How To Write Subtext.

The Plot Thickens

How to weave complex stories that engage your readers without confusing them.

Each Masterclass consist of a one and a half hour intensive workshop (delivered via Zoom – participants can watch live or watch the recording).

Writers are then sent a tailor-made writing challenge that addresses the theme of the workshop to work on in their own time.

If you decide to go for a Delux Masterclass, members of your writers’ group will be able to attend a follow-up focus group session (hosted via Re:treat Retreat’s Zoom account) where writers share their responses to the challenge in smaller groups. (Questions are distributed prior to the focus group to provide a framework for further discussion).

Ultra Masterclasses include a further, live, one hour Q&A session where Ali Harper and a guest author answer questions relating to the theme of the masterclass.

Price List

Standard Masterclass: £100 (includes 1.5 hour masterclass on given theme plus follow up challenge emailed to participants.)

Delux Masterclass: £140 (includes standard package plus 2 hour focus group hosted by Re:treat Retreat, where writers meet in small groups to discuss their response to the writing challenge)

Ultra Masterclass: £210 (includes delux package plus 1 hour Q&A session with Ali Harper and a guest author on theme of masterclass. Guest authors are selected according to theme.)

Each package is available for up to 20 writers and hosted on Re:treat Retreat Zoom account.

Other masterclasses available are Character Arcs, Scene Design and Themes and Patterns. Please email for a full list of available masterclasses.