Everything You Need To Know About Writing A Novel


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Gave me my writing confidence back

This is a great, practical course with friendly, kind and experienced tutors who really know their stuff



Workshops – Each workshop will take place on Zoom and will be delivered by Anna or Ali. These will be informative sessions, and will feel quite ‘taught’. Depending on numbers, you may be asked to mute your microphones in order to ensure that the teachers are able to communicate clearly without lots of interruptions. Where possible there will be the opportunity to ask questions. At the end of each workshop you will be given an (optional) piece of work to do.

Guided Learning – This is the time set aside in the agenda for you to work alone in your own home completing the task that was set during the workshop, which might be completing a structure breakdown for your novel, or working on an opening chapter

Focus Groups – these will also take place on Zoom, but will be more interactive than the morning workshops. Depending on numbers you may be part of smaller group, rather than the whole class. This is the chance for you to share the work you’ve done in the morning and ask questions about any aspects you’ve found challenging.

Individual Tutorials – everyone will get the chance to have a one-to-one session with one of the tutors. This could be via Zoom or other means if you prefer. This is your chance to ask the tutors any questions you may have about your own work, whether it’s to do with writing your novel, or getting it ready for publication. You may like the tutor to read some of your work beforehand and use the tutorial for feedback. If so you need to email the work to your tutor no later than 11.30am on the day of your tutorial

Evening Sessions – These will also take place on Zoom and are designed to be informal (and optional) and fun. On the first evening Ali and Anna will share their practical tips on how they manage to juggle work, family and writing. We will be joined by guest authors on two evenings. On the final evening Ali and Anna will share their journey to publication and read some of their work. All sessions will give you the chance to ask questions.

What You Will Take Away – If you’re prepared to work hard, at the end of the week we hope that you will have the following:

A blurb and author biography

A partial structure breakdown of your proposed novel

A character portrait of your protagonist